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Buying a property in Italy

Most people choosing to buy a property in Italy, would not do so for the climate alone. Weather can be uncertain and although very hot in the summer can be very cold in winter months.

In recent years buying a property in Italy has become extemely popular, particularly with UK nationals. There is something very rewarding about owning your own second home in another country and many find that this arrangement is more preferable to seeking a different destination for each holiday. Since the advent of low cost air flights the Italian property buying business has increased. Although perhaps not as popular for property seekers as other European destinations, the sheer beauty, culture, architecture, food and scenery have an irresistable appeal.

You should always seek expert advice when buying your first Investment Property, in any country. However this article aims to provide a basic insight into points to remember or consider when you embark on buying property a property abroad.

Although the sun continues to shine through the winterm most parts of Italy remain as cold as winters in the UK although the winter period in Italy tend to be shorter.

If you are thinking about buying a property in Italy it is advisable to rent a place first before deciding on which location, if any, you would like to buy. If your main purpose for buying a property is for rental income, you may wish to consider buying in, or near to, an area popular with tourists.

Buying a property in Italy can actually be more difficult than in most other countries. If you go to an overseas homes exhibition, you will definately not come across a stand offering new- build or off-plan Italian properties. This is mainly because Italy does not attract foreign investors or big property developers. One reason for this is that many local councils are still controlled by communists, who do not want large gated communities and prefer their farmland to stay that way!

If you manage to find a property in Italy that you are determined to purchase you will be lost without being able to speak Italian fluently. If you can't you would be wise to seek out a friend who can, as this will be of great advantage when wading through the very bureaucratic process associated with buying an Italian property.

So what does the process entail? An old house, needing total renovation and possibly without a roof, could cost you around £160,000 in a place like Tuscany. Many such Italian properties will not have basic services such as electricity and water.

Having found your property you will need to appoint a 'geometra' to draw up plans for the restoration. A word of warning - dont expect these plans to be as precise as they would be in the UK! Although this may be a bit disconcerting, he will know what he is doing but you will need access to someone who can, not only speak fluent Italian but be totally conversant with Italian technical terms.

Before you proceed to construction the plans have to be approved by the local council failyre to do this may result in the property having to be demolished.

With restoration costs, your £160, 000 property could ultimately cost you £500,000.

Estimates from Italian builders are difficult to come by! If you are lucky you may eventually get a vague estimate of what the job will probably, rather than certainly, cost.

Most British lenders offer mortgages on Italian properties although you can get up to an 80% loan from an Italian lender providing you satisfy the payback requirements of course.

The actual legal processs of purchasing a home in Italy is similar to that in France. You will need to appoint a notary to ensure that the preliminary agreement is what it says it is.

It is vital to employ a solicitor fluent in both English and Italian.

December 2005


The beautiful, romantic country of Italy is located on the Italian Peninsula in Southern Europe.

At its best in Spring and Autmn, Italy’s climate varies from North to South but its breathtaking landscapes and culturtal heritage can be enjoyed all year round. Italy has hot, dry summers, with July in particular being the hottest month of the year. The north can get cold in winter compared to the more milder winters experienced in the south.

Sharing its northern Alpine boundary with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia , Italy is home to the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Italy has its fair share of beautiful scenery, romantic settings and historic cities - Italy’s many popular cities include Venice, Florence and Naples, each having its own identity and character as well as true Italian style and charm.

Fashion, cuisine, beauty and fantastic scenery are in abundance here – there is a piece of Italy that will become a favourite to all visitors. Central Italy is home to its history and art whereas the remaining history of the Roman Empire including The Colosseum, can be found in Rome.

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